Welcome to Robert James Organic Haircare in Los Gatos, CA. I have been honing my craft since 1994 and I love my career now more than ever. I know who I am as an artist and how I want to express it through my work. I think that beautiful hair is always in fashion and my primary focus is to create beautiful looks without compromising the health or integrity of your hair.


I believe communication lays the foundation for great hair, it's essential that we have an in depth consultation before your journey begins. We will discuss a customized plan to bring out your hair's natural assets. Your hair has features that make you unique and when I show you how to work with those characteristics instead of fighting them you'll begin to love your hair. I take pride in customizing hair styles that compliment who you are. It's very rewarding for me to be part of that discovery.


My hair cutting approach takes into account your facial features, hair texture, blow dry time and maintenance required for your style. My advanced cutting skills create looks that grow out extremely well, are easy to style and hold their shape over time. I love to teach and I will show you how to blow dry and effectively use styling tools so that you can achieve your looks at home.


Hair color should be more than just root touch ups and monotone highlights. I like my Blondes to be warm and bright with hints of caramel and vanilla, like that of a child. Brunettes should be rich with deep multidimensional colors like fine hard woods of mahogany, cherry and walnut. And Reds ought to radiate with tones of copper, crimson or golden strawberry. One of the techniques I am most known for is my ability to transform existing grays into highlights. This approach can reduce the frequency of your touch ups, virtually eliminate the need for highlighting and most importantly, bring back the health and resilience of your hair. The mark of a great colorist is the way your hair color looks when you return to the salon. My 24 years of coloring experience ensures that your color will look beautiful from visit to visit.

It is my pleasure to serve you.




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